Advanced Manufacturing



At Lockheed Martin, we are partnering with our customers to accelerate manufacturing innovation from the laboratory to production. Whether it is solving a global crisis like the need for clean water or travelling even deeper into space, advanced manufacturing is opening the doors to the next great human revolution.  
We are using innovative technologies to improve products and processes in national securityspace explorationcommunications technology and medical industries.
Our engineers and manufacturing professionals are learning and applying new skills in digital technology. Additive manufacturing is leading to the creation of affordable parts that are more capable and durable than ever. Next-generation electronics are reducing the size, weight, power and cost of our products and systems. And advanced materials are being used in novel ways never thought possible.
Advanced Materials


We can achieve breakthrough performance and lower lifecycle cost by designing and manufacturing next-generation products and systems using advanced polymers, nanomaterials, advanced composites and light-weight modern metals.

Additive Manufacturing


We are pushing the limits of additive technology and bringing design engineers to the factory floor to produce parts, layer by layer, that previously could not be built. Once built, we are qualifying these parts to be used in real-world applications.

Next Generation Electronics


We're finding new ways to improve the way we process, store and move data. Our products are getting drastically smaller and more energy efficient thanks to next-generation electronics that are smaller, more efficient and capable of operating under extreme conditions.

Digital Tapestry


We are pushing the frontiers of digital technology by linking all stages of a product’s life cycle. Digital Tapestry seamlessly connects conceptualization, design, verification, manufacturing and sustainment to better understand and improve the ideas we bring to life.