Lockheed Martin Energy

Energy Storage
We provide turn-key energy storage systems for
commercial, industrial, and utility applications.
Our energy storage systems save our customers money, make the grid more efficient,
and enable the increased use of renewable energy.
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Commercial and
Industrial Site Owners

  Integrate and use on-site solar

  Trim peak electricity demand and reduce utility bills today

  Improve power reliability and quality

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Electric Utilities and
Project Developers

  Defer costly upgrades to transmission and distribution
       infrastructure equipment

  Integrate intermittent renewable energy

  Add local flexible capacity

Reduce peak demand

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Lockheed Martin Advantage
We excel at advancing innovative, fully-integrated, solutions for mission critical applications.

We provide the scale, stability, and long-term commitment our customers need for success.

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GridStar Energy Storage

Fully integrated solutions, including energy storage, power conversion, AC/DC protection, thermal management and controls

Flexible and scalable (ranging in size from 125 kW to multi-MW)

Backed by a company you can depend on

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GridStar Lithium-Ion

Complete AC-AC Solution.

Modular. Compact Package.

Full Lockheed Martin Warranty.


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GridStar Flow

For longer duration applications, we are pioneering innovative long-duration flow battery systems. Flow batteries can achieve low cost at long discharge times if the technology is designed right.

Our coordination chemistry flow battery (CCFB) systems are designed to be affordable, durable, and safe.

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Lockheed Martin Energy Storage Development Network

We are leveraging our global network of talent and resources to develop the
next generation of energy storage systems and batteries. Locations include:
Dallas, TX; Cambridge, MA; Palo Alto, CA


 Multi-MW Test Lab

  We have a comprehensive multi-MW testing, demonstration, and validation facility.



GridStar Lithium-Ion Product Spec Sheet GridStar Energy Storage Solutions Brochure GridStar Flow Energy Storage Brochure

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